Summer Olympics 2012 in London: A Travel Planning Primer

Due to its immense popularity, it is never too early to begin planning for the Summer Olympics. In 2012 London will serve as host and the moment to begin requesting tickets is swiftly forthcoming.
What follows is the basic information one needs to begin planning a trip to London in 2012 for the Summer Olympics.


The 2012 Summer Olympics will undoubtedly captivate the world’s attention as the games play out from July 27th, 2012 through August 12th.

Though the majority of the events will take place in London, travel planners should take note that there are some events that will take place elsewhere.

A tentative schedule of Summer Olympic events is available online. The schedule of events is expected to be finalized in March 2011, at which time it will be posted on the official Summer Olympics 2012 website.

Tickets and Packages

Tickets for the Summer Olympics in London may be requested from March 15th, 2011 through April 26th. This does not include requests for Paralympic Games, which will be able to be made as early as September 9th, 2011.

Residents of designated European countries, as well as the United Kingdom, who are interested in purchasing tickets to the Summer Olympics are advised to register their interest online with one of the authorized ticket, hospitality and travel package providers.

Doing so will give one notice once the tickets are officially able to be requested. Requesting tickets does not necessarily mean that one will be able to purchase tickets. Tickets are based on availability and certain restrictions and policies apply.

At this time there are currently only three authorized ticket, hospitality and travel package providers. They are Jet Set Sports in NJ as well as both Thomas Cook and Prestige Ticketing Limited in London.

Jet Set Sports will be selling all inclusive packages as well as individual tickets for those who wish to plan their own vacation ala carte style.

Residents of non-designated countries may look to request tickets from their country’s National Olympic or Paralympic committees.

Summer Olympic ticket prices vary by event but tend to range in price from $20 upwards of $2,012 for admittance to the opening ceremony.

The ticket prices are expected to be inclusive of public transportation to and from the selected Summer Olympic event.

Discounted Summer Olympic ticket prices are slated for both senior citizens and those who are less than 17 years of age. A complete list of ticket prices per event may be garnered online.

Travelers should also note that a “Visa” credit card, “Visa” debit card, Pre-paid “Visa”, cash or traveler’s checks must be used to purchase “Summer Olympic” tickets. No other credit cards will be accepted at this time due to sponsorship agreements.

Public Transportation

Since public transportation to Olympic Park is slated to be included in the Summer Olympic ticket prices, travel planners should make note of London’s new Javelin Bullet Train as well as three major rail way stations; Stratford International, West Ham and Stratford Regional.

The Javelin Bullet Train, regular rail and shuttle service are all expected to be favored methods of public transportation during the Summer Olympics in London.

Lodging and Dining

Being a large city, London understandably has a vast number of lodging establishments to choose from. Travelers who wish to be near all the action may want to consider booking a hotel located in either the Canary Wharf or Park Lane areas of London.

One of the more well known hotels in those two areas is the Hilton London Canary Wharf Hotel.

The Hilton London Canary Wharf Hotel is located a measly fifteen minutes from the city’s major airport and features such amenities as sightseeing tours, an on-site restaurant, foreign currency exchange services and a fitness center.

Other restaurants and eclectic shopping venues are also plentiful in the Canary Wharf area.

Regardless of lodging choice, reservations should be made as far in advance as possible.

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